Keeping Productive

Posted on 2012-01-19

Since my last update, I've been keeping busy not only working at AVRLondon but in my spare time developing some alternative forms of what will hopefully become passive streams of income. While this is a bit off-topic regarding 3D, I thought it might be interesting to write a brief summary of the projects.

Teaming up with my close friend Michael Charalambous who's an expert in SEO amongst other things, he set about acquiring domains and I have been setting up various websites to take advantage of their ranking in search engines. We've been doing this systematically, and have targeted various keywords which he chose based upon their relevance and search volume.

My role has primarily been setting up the sites and making the necessary changes to ensure that they not only are SEO friendly for search engines but also that they are as efficient as possible in generating revenue. It's still early days, but it's been positive so far and we're hoping that they take off and do well.

My next update should be 3D related, I'm working on an exciting personal project that should hopefully come to light soon as well as a few more minor workflow scripts!