Starting FXPHD

Posted on 2013-01-09

So the term has started, first lessons are out for the courses I've chosen and it's slightly changed my plan of action. Trying to follow 3 concurrent classes is just too much when you're just starting out learning the software, the best thing to do at this stage I think is to work through each one at a time. So I'll be starting with HOU102 follow HOU103 after and then HOU 206.

I now wish there had been a way to stagger them so I only had to take one class each term but I suppose that wouldn't really work with their business model. I'll just have to go at a slower pace than originally intended, but downloading all 3 classes during the 10 weeks.

On the plus side, the first lessons for the 3 classes look great! I'll only be watching HOU102 for the next 10 weeks, and will post my progress :)