Some photos unexpected results and a car

Posted on 2013-02-06

So I finally got around to getting my original roll of TriX developed here, and it came with a few surprises. First off was the cost of development here in Perth, I'm definitely not getting it done at a lab again it'll be home dev'ing from now on (when I get a thermometer got to get one this week). Printing shouldn't cost too much!

The bigger surprise was the sheer amount of GRAIN on the images. Something is definitely wrong here, whether it's the developer the lab used, the fact it sat in a fridge for ages or if it got damaged going through X-ray scanners in the airport on the way here there's just way too much grain compared to my earlier shots with the same film at home. It's disappointing BUT there's a few nice shots in there which always makes it worthwhile! Check my faves out in the post:

Leica M2 - TriX

Got to try and shoot at least 2 rolls a month, that's a fair target I think.

Ah yes and in other news I have a car! It's a Daewoo Lanos, and it's fair to say if she lasts the year I'll be ecstatic for what I paid, here's a snap of her:

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