New photos all home developed and processed

Posted on 2013-06-25

I've added some more photos to my Flickr, this latest set marks the first time I've done the complete process at home! That's film development and scanning, I was relying on labs before to do the scanning but now with a scanner here I can do that at home too. Check out some of my results in this post or click through to my Flickr

Leica M2 - HP5+, Ilfosol 3, Epson 2480

All photos are taken with a Leica M2, 50mm Summitar lens (screw on adapter) on Ilford HP5+. Developed in Ilfosol 3 using Ilfords methods and standard dev times. I scanned them in using an Epson Perfection 2480 I picked up for $30 on Gumtree. It's clearly my bottleneck now with the quality of the images, I'm really excited to get a new scanner when I have some spare cash and see what sort of quality I can achieve.

I'm really enjoying this black and white film journey, and have some FP4+ lined up for my next couple of rolls to shoot on!