Better late than never getting things finished

Posted on 2014-02-17

So after what seems like forever I finally dug up this old project to see it through, and coming back to it there's so much I'd like to redo again that I've decided to just let it be and try to finish it. While there are some things I'm not completely happy with in the initial render, I figured it was a good excuse to see how much I could polish it up in post and get it to a "finished" state. Here's a low quality test:

Deus Ex: HR Scene WIP from Carlo Carfora on Vimeo.

My only problem is on my desktop, it takes 15 mins a frame at 1280x720 which quickly adds up on one machine! I'll be unable to render this project until I have my new i7 build (currently using a modest i5), then I'll have 2 machines to render on. For now, I've just rendered tests and every 25th to make sure it all works. Hopefully I'll have a finished clip to post in a month or so along with a break down of the project and process!