Recently Completed Work

Posted on 2014-09-01

So some of the larger projects that I've been involved in where I work have finally been released so I'm able to post them here now. I've written a brief description about my role in each one.

GEMS Academy Singapore from Last Pixel on Vimeo.

This was a huge project with a dozen or so stills, an animation and an interactive tour with 48 360 panoramas in 6 weeks.

Me and another colleague co-led the project, I worked across all areas; modelling/shading/lighting/rendering as well as authoring the interactive tours using some in-house software and Nuke.

Saraya Bandar Jissah - Hotel Two from Last Pixel on Vimeo.

This was for a development in Oman. The project scope was huge, over the course of 4 months 8 different animations were created as well as dozens of stills.

The animation for Hotel 2 I co-led with a colleague, detailing up master plan level shots for close-ups as well as telling a loose narrative.

My roles included the usual model/shade/render as well as grading and editing. There was also a lot of render wrangling with this project due to the heavy nature of the scenes.

Perth Airport’s Vision from Last Pixel on Vimeo.

An interesting one to work on, the scope of the idea being one continous camera made it a challenge as well as the scale of the project.

The project really pushed the farm to it's limits, as well as making it difficult to work on a single workstation but it was a good lesson in optimization and efficiency. Some nice effects were achieved using SSS for massing models too.

I initially began blocking out the master plan before the team ramped up to 4-5 people on it full time. My roles included lots of modelling and prop placement, shading, lighting and rendering as well as some detailed modelling for the fly through camera. I also authored a 360 tour of the project.

Accidental Soldier Breakdown showreel from Last Pixel on Vimeo.

For more information about this one check out the project page here.

I'll have some personal stuff to put up too soon but it's nice to finally see some of what I've been working on day to day in the wild!