Dusty Helicopter Landing

Posted on 2015-10-23

Here are the results of the fruits of my labour recently, I threw myself head first into a solo project in Houdini to see if any of the tutorials and information I've been reading had actually soaked in.

There was a learning curve, the hardest part was probably actually finding my feet with the Houdini lighting/rendering workflow but there were a fair few moments of being stumped with how to wrangle particles and volumes. The wire solver sim for the bushes was something I hadn't learnt in any tutorial either so it was good to tackle something new.

Here's the finished video and a GIF breakdown.

Dusty Helicopter Landing - Houdini 14 from Carlo Carfora on Vimeo.

breakdown gif

In the end, I'm really happy with not only how it turned out but how much I have learnt from it too. Onto the next personal project which I've decided will involve deforming metal and rbd destruction!