Houdini Ground Collapse

Posted on 2016-03-30

Been a bit quiet here since my last post but I've been working away on my latest Houdini project in what little free time I have as life has been quite busy as of late.

I originally saw this sinkhole effect in the Halo 5 teaser way back during it's E3 announcement. I always thought it would be awesome to try and create something similar as a personal project. After my helicopter shot I figured I'd learnt enough to give it a shot and this is the result.

Ground Collapse - Houdini 15 from Carlo Carfora on Vimeo.

As always there are aspects to the final result I'm happy with but also parts that I feel could be improved upon. All in all though, glad to have another Houdini project up on my website and it won't be too long before I start on another.