Mid Year Update

Posted on 2016-06-18

Been one of the busiest years of my life so far, so it's been a bit quiet here but I'm alive and kicking. Will keep this post work related so here's what's been happening below:

I've been busy studying Houdini, and there are a few projects on my portfolio now which are 100% Houdini. My Vimeo account has been getting more popular which has been a real boost to my morale, I'm a lot more confident now of being on the right track to landing a Houdini role in the future and will keep updloading work as much as I can.

Spent a few days updating my website, has had a nice makeover and I've also written my own static blog generator in Python so no more need for Ghost. It was an awesome platform, but took up a LOT of my webspace. Real overkill for what I use it for. Parsing the json and retrieving my posts in markdown was a breeze in Python, a real painless task!

More to come soon, have been getting stuck into Pyro so expect some fire videos very soon.