Update for 2018

Posted on 2018-01-21

It's been quiet here for a while, every year I try to tell myself I'll write more here and this year won't be any different! I've given the site another facelift, I'm super happy with this look and it works great across all sorts of devices.

Having been in London for over 6 months now, I've been fortunate enough to be working at The Mill on a number of awesome projects. They are all on my Work page so take a look if you're curious to see what they might be. I'm especially proud of the Heathrow spot as it was particularly well received.

In other news, I've picked up Maya now as a 3d package having had to learn it at The Mill, but I'm still plugging away at Houdini so hopefully throughout 2018 there'll be opportunities to spread my wings on some H work.

I've also developed a small pipeline tool for home that can be seen on the Code page, it's all written in Python and uses PyQt5 for the GUI. I was impressed at how easy it was to pick up the basics and look forward to writing more tools with a GUI rather than just a CLI interface.

More to come, I'll try and do this monthly so until next month!