Year update still going strong

Posted on 2018-11-11

Hello! It's been a huge year, so it's been pretty quiet here and as always I'm hoping to post more but never seem to.

Following on from the last post 8 months ago(!), I am still at The Mill and have worked on number of awesome projects since. One of the best things this year has been moving over to primarily using Houdini, both for FX work and also for Lighting/Rendering which has been both fun and challenging. Check out the latest posts on my portfolio page to see them!

My github has been getting more popular too, so check it out if you haven't already as it's being updated a bit more often now. With H17 out I'm hoping to get a new bunch of scene files up there as I start to explore it more.

I'm also currently attending an evening class for C++ which is held in London, it's called C++ London Uni and I have realised that C++ is just a language learned easier with experienced devs helping out. Still hoping to realise my goal that is writing a ray-tracer in C++.

There should be an end of year highlight reel up soon, lots of nice projects this year to add to it!